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Key words and phrases
  1. leadership : n 领导。同根词:lead: v 领导、通向;lead to sth; leader: n
  2. attach : v 系、附加、使喜爱,迷恋,同根词:attached: a 固定的、依恋的。词组:be attached to sb/sth; attach importance to sth认为…很重要;attachment: n
  1). You have to attach a label to a box while posting it.
  2). We should attach primary importance to a firm and correct political orientation.
  3). He is strongly attached to his home.
  3. possession: n 拥有,possess: v
  4. satisfaction : n 满意、满足;同根词:satisfy: v 使…满足;satisfying: a 令人满意的;satisfied: 对…感到满意的;satisfactory: a 满意的(表语)
  1). To the _____ of everyone, the director relaxed his threatening attitude.
  2). The customer seemed to be _____.
  3). The child's intelligence is ____ for his age.
  4). Socialism is to fully _____ the material and spiritual needs of the people.
  5). The opened pupil is usually associated with pleasant and _____ experiences.
  Answers: satisfaction, satisfied, satisfactory, satisfy, satisfying
  5. relaxation : n 松弛、放松;同根词:relax: v 使人放松;relaxing: a; relaxed: a
  6. desirable: a 称心的、理想的、合意的,同根词:desire: v/n 渴望,想要;desirability: n 可取之处、优点
  1). Nobody doubts the ____ of good health.
  2). His ____ were not great. A peaceful life was what he wanted.
  3). Some reasonable adjustments seem ______.
  Answers: desirability, desire (n), desirable
  7. occupation: n 占领、占有、职业,同根词:occupy: v 占有;occupied: a 被占领的;不空闲的;occupant: n 房屋居住者
  1). Much of the territory is still under enemy _____.
  2). He ____ an important position in the government.
  3). The ___ will not pay rent and must be forced to move out.
  4). Curing the sick is the doctor's ______.
  Answers: occupation; occupies; occupant; occupation
  8. recognition: n 认出、承认;同根词:recognize: v; recognized: a 公认的,经过证明的;recognizable: a 可以认出的
  1). The dead woman's face had been beaten out of all ____ shape.
  2). The city has changed beyond ____.
  3). He was so much changed that I could hardly ____ him.
  Answers: recognizable; recognition; recognize
  9. positive: a 肯定的、积极的、正的,反义词:negative
  10. relevant: a 贴切的、与…有关的,be relevant to sth; 反义词:irrelevant
  11. be concerned with sth关心,关切,忙于…
  1). I am concerned with my work every day.
  2). We are increasingly concerned with the quality o flife.
  12. take to sth/doing sth开始从事…;养成…习惯;培养对…的爱好
  1). He took to gardening in his retirement.
  2). He took to smoking in his fourth year at college.
  3). My father has taken to playing golf at the weekends.
  13. put sth to use使用、利用
  Time is precious and should be put to full use.
  14. be relevant to:与…有关的
  What you said is not relevant to the theme.
  15. on the part of sb/on sb's part就…而言,在…方面
  It was an error on the part of the manager.
  Analyze the difficult sentences:
  1. The importance people attach to paid holidays and the rapid development of services for mass entertainment and recreation are signs of this increasing concern. (P1)
  分析:该句主语很长,分成两部分:The importance people attach to paid holidays和the rapid development of services for mass entertainment and recreation,后面是一个系表结构。另外,people attach to paid holidays是定语从句,修饰the importance.
  Concern: n 关心,关注。
  2. Generally speaking, the quality of life, especially as seen by the individual, is meaningful in terms of the degree to which these various areas of life are available or provide satisfaction to the individual. (P2)
  分析:主语:the quality of life,is meaningful是谓语部分;especially as seen by the individual是定语从句,其中关系代词as做主语,谓语中省去了is,另外,to which these various areas of life are available or provide satisfaction to the individual
  又是定语从句修饰the degree. 词组:in terms of按照、根据、在…方面,如:
  Consider it in terms of an investment.
  The number of terrorist attacks ahs increased to a frightening degree.
  3. As activity carried out as one thinks fit during one's spare time, leisure has the following functions: relaxation, recreation and entertainment, and personal development. (P3)
  分析:句中第一个as是介词,“作为”,carried out as one thinks fit during one's spare time是过去分词短语做后置定语,修饰activity,其中的as是连词,引导方式状语从句。最后那部分才是主句。词组:carry out:完成、实现、贯彻
  Don't blame me. I'm only carrying out the orders.
  4. The specific use of leisure varies from individual to individual. (P4)
  分析:该句中有一个常考搭:vary from …to …因…而异。
  The price of vegetables varied from season from season.
  5. Since leisure is basically self-determined, one is able to take to one's interests and preferences and get involved in an activity in ways that will bring enjoyment and satisfaction. (P6)
  分析:since引导的是原因状语从句。重要词、词组:preference: n 偏爱,动词:prefer; 形容词:preferable; get involved in sth参与,从事…活动。
  6. Basically, such attitudes amount to a recognition that leisure is an important area of life and a belief that leisure can and should be put to good use. (P7)
  分析:这句话的重要知识点在于:两个that从句都是同位语从句,分别具体解释抽象名词:recognition和belief. 另外,注意词组:amount to 等于,相当于,如:This amounts to a refusal.
  7. Hence, it can be argued that the people with whom we come into contact in these various contexts are all likely to have exerted some influence in shaping our attitudes, interests and even skills relevant to how we handle leisure. (P8)
  分析:这句话的主体结构:it can be argued that…;it是形式主语,that从句是真正主语;其中the people是主语,with whom we come into contact in these various contexts是定语,shaping后面接着三个并列宾语:our attitudes, interests and even skills。而relevant to how we handle leisure是形容词短语做后置定语。词组:come into contact with sb接触某人;
  8. Parents, teachers in schools, work associates and communicators in or using the mass media are all capable of arousing our potential interests. (P9)
  分析:Parents, teachers in schools, work associates and communicators是句子主语;in or using the mass media 是定语部分,修饰communicators 。 be capable of能够做某事;arouse: v 引起、唤醒,辨析:arise: v 出现、显现;rise: v 升起,涨起;raise: v 举起,抚养、饲养。
  9. For example, the degree to which and the ways in which a school encourages participation in games, sports and cultural pursuits are likely to contribute to the shaping of leisure attitudes on the part of the students. (P9)
  分析:该句的中心词是the degree和the ways,其后各接一个由which引导的定语从句,来自于词组:to the degree; in the ways. 词组:be likely to do sth有可能做某事;contribute to sth为…做贡献。
  10. Schools usually set as their educational objective the attainments of a balanced development of the person. (P10)
  分析:句中set的宾语是the attainments of a balanced development of the person,宾补:as their educational objective。因为宾语太长,因此颠倒位置,为了避免头重脚轻。
  11. The more seriously this is sought, the more likely positive attitudes towards leisure as well as academic work will be encouraged. (P10)
  分析:该句的核心考点:the + 比较级,the +比较级,越…就越…。
  The more, the better.
  The more words you have, the easier you study English.

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